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Meringue Kisses x x x

Not had a cheeky snog in a while? Do not fear! Sort yourself out with some meringue kisses mwah xoxo

These little cuties are really handy for 3 main things:

  • Making any cake look pretty sick
  • spicing up your average Eton Mess
  • Shoving as many as pos in your gob at the same time (my personal fave)

Now you can make these a block colour, or even just leave them white, but you’re here reading this blog so I’m presuming you’re no plain Jane.

So the cat’s out the (piping) bag – the secret to getting these stripes is actually dead easy…

All you have to do is take your chosen food colour/s and paint stripes down the inside of your piping bag – you can do this with a cocktail stick if you don’t have a small paint brush.

To make life a bit easier I like to put my piping bag over the top of a large glass, because nobody wants to be faffing round with a flimsy piping bag.

Then plop in your meringue and pipe away. You can get snazzy with the nozzles in your piping bag and go on a mad one with the shapes.

Before we crack on with the meringue recipe, I simply must share my kitchen goss!

Kitchen Goss:

So I’ve decided to sell my old playstation 2 – what an absolute throwback. Got quite emosh packing it all away. We always brought the house down with Whitney on singstar, and simpsons hit and run will always be an elite tier game. Thx 4 all the mems #gamergirl

Anyway enough of that, let’s get back to business


  • 2 egg whites
  • 200g caster sugar
  • food colouring/s
  • paintbrush/stick
  • piping bag and nozzles


  • preheat oven to 120C – temp is cool because meringues like it low n slow
  • line a few baking trays with baking parchment
  • whisk the egg whites until doubled in size
  • add the caster sugar 1tsp at a time
  • when it’s ready it should be stiff peaks – if you’re feeling nawti you can check this by putting the bowl over your head. If you have a blob of meringue on your noggin then it wasn’t ready sis.
  • get your piping bag ready by whacking in the nozzle and folding over the glass like shown above
  • start painting your chosen colours in stripes down the inside of the piping bag
  • blob the meringue in and pipe away
  • bake for 50mins

Once cooled you can do as you please with these little lovelies. I chose to decorate my mum’s bday cake with mine. The recipe for this cake will be up v v shortly so stay tuned chickens.

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