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Crème Egg Brownies

It’s now day 15 of quarantine, or is it day 1534567856??? The days have merged into one and time no longer has any meaning.

People have been filling their time with this very limited list of acceptable activities:

1) dye hair/shave head (it’s not cool, you look like a thug)

2) bake 5 times a week (minimum of 2 banana breads)

3) try a home workout, fail, then go back to baking

4) stick your head out of the window for a breath of fresh air (this is my fave)

5) fall out with all of your family members

6) have a zoom/houseparty call but have to leave 3mins in because your wifi is so shockingly bad

7) under no circumstances do actual uni work or anything productive

So I decided to rustle up some Crème Egg brownies to tick off #2 and use up all this Easter choccie I had lying around my house.

I’ve always really struggled making brownies for some reason (my housemates will vouch for that) but these ones actually turned out very nice indeed.

‘A sweet delight’ – my mum, pictured below trapped under a pile of brownies , unsure if she was on about me or the brownies x

For the 3 loyal fans that read this blog, here’s what you came for – the KG.


To tick off #1 on the list, my hairdresser fairy sent me a prezzie. Yes, I too have resorted to the hair dye. Thanks so much to my personal stylist and big sister Melissa – check out her Instagram @melissasalons – she’s even giving out loads of tips on how to do your hair at home so keep an eye out!!!

Pls ignore the poses on these, I was trying to take piccies with my back camera because fruity has destroyed my phone 😦

As if the new colour wasn’t enough, I was debating a fringe but then I remembered what year 9 Han looked like.

I’m not entirely sure where the middle-aged woman scarf phase came from, but combined with the braces and fringe, wow ❤ hola senorita x

Anyway enough about me, let’s get crackalackin with the recipe

(recipe adapted from


  • 150g butter
  • 220g caster sugar
  • 75g cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 eggos
  • 75g plain flour
  • as many choccie things as you like (chips or I crumbled up an easter egg lol)
  • 6 creme eggs – put them in the fridge


  • whack your oven on 160C and line your tin of choice with greaseproof paper
  • in a massive pan melt your butter, sugar and cocoa
  • remove from heat and add eggs and vanilla
  • sift in your flour and give it all a good stir
  • add your choccie of choice here – this could be chocolate chips, some shit choccie santa you got 5 years ago, or I used an easter egg crumbled up
  • cut up 2 of your creme eggs into little wedges
  • chuck those in the mix and stir everything nicely
  • plop in your tin and whip in the oven for 15 mins (this is not the full baking time the crème eggs just go weird on the top if you leave them to bake for ages)
  • lick the pan
  • Cut the rest of your crème eggs in half and arrange on the top of the mostly cooked brownie
  • bake for a further 5-10 mins
  • allow the goodies to cool

Scoff them all immediately and then feel uncomfortably full for the next 6 hours

I’m feeling adventurous so comment below some new baking ideas for me to whip up x x x x x x x x x x x x

lots of luv, BTB



Proud owner of The Soggy Bottom. Just a gal trying to have her cake and eat it.

8 thoughts on “Crème Egg Brownies

  1. Brownies delicious but I don’t think very Slimming World friendly 🙄😋 Also I don’t remember signing any GDPR forms so you could use my photo Han 😂. Love always MamaBitch xx

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  2. These look incredible! Might have to stress-bake these later this week (have already failed at working out and can only stare out the window for so long each day lolol). Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. These look so tasty. Cream eggs and Chocolate Brownies are two of my very favourite things. Mixed together they must be a match made in heaven. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Liked by 2 people

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