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Before you panic, they’re choccie chips not raisins – I’m not a sicko.

Flapjacks are such an underrated sweet treat, and they are sooo easy to make. Plus, if you’re feeling generous, they are very easily packaged up and delivered to friends, neighbours or randomers during quarantine. Obviously I didn’t do that lol, me and my family demolished them before I had the chance, but if you had a bigger heart and a smaller stomach than me, you could x

Kitchen Goss

Ok onto the good stuff

I’ve become a right Enid Blyton lately and been taking it old skool writing letters, getting my trusty carrier pigeon to deliver them. Joking I haven’t got a pigeon but I have been writing letters.

My longtime home slices Niamh and Iona (see pic for reference) have been one of the lucky recipients of these handwritten delights. They’ve been cheeky little devils and started hiding their replies somewhere near my house for me to find. I’ve attached a little snippet of what I received stuffed down my road sign so you can get a little taste of how sweet out friendship is ❀

It’s a dangerous game, will my elderly neighbours find the letter before I do and open it to find a hurl of abuse and obscene language? Stay tuned to find out x

Right onto the recipe because ain’t nobody got time to waste. Feel free to double the recipe if you want more flapjacks.

(recipe inspired by


  • 125g butter
  • 125g light brown sugar
  • 225g porridge oats
  • 2 tbsp. golden syrup
  • any extra goodies you want to add (I added choccie chips, others include raisins, nuts or other dried fruit things your dad probs eats)

Method (makes like 8 flapjacks)

  • preheat your ov to 180C
  • grease and line a tin of your choice with greaseproof paper
  • melt the butter and sugar in a pan over low heat
  • add your oaties and syrup
  • stir
  • add whatever extras you like
  • plop in the tin and smooth it all down
  • chuck it in the oven
  • ok so for flapjacks the baking time is really important – too long and they’ll be rock hard, too little and they’ll crumble
  • This really depends on the size of your tin so it’s difficult to say a specific time, I would take them out when the edges start to go golden
  • mine took about 10-15mins
  • don’t worry they’ll be super soft when you take them out but they harden as they cool

TOP TIP – cut the flapjacks whilst they’re still warm, it’s a lot easier than trying to cut once they’ve hardened up – don’t say I never help you x

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