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Low fat Eton Mess

I know what you’re thinking – Han doing a low calorie dessert?!?! It was hard for me to believe too – the transition from blue milk to green was tough enough, but now I am fully embracing the healthy lifestyle (minus my chicken selects cravings once a week). The fact I would get hunted down by my mum’s slimming world group if I so dared to serve a full fat dessert was also weighing heavy on my mind (pardon the pun) #synner.

First of all apologies for the big boy break I’ve taken from baking and blogs – not to get all deep and philosophical but I feel like ‘kitchen goss’ really wasn’t quite me, and I’m feeling fresh and sassy with my new identity. I’d like to promise this is the last time I’m changing my name, but I like to keep you all on your toes πŸ˜‰ x Welcome – THE SOGGY BOTTOM!!!

Best part of the relaunch, the logo, and she’s absolutely GaWJuSs.

Big shoutout to my good pal Nathan Gupta for designing this bad boy. If anyone needs a logo he would be my absolute go-to. He really listens to what the client wants and comes up with multiple designs that you can tweak to get it just right. He was so professional from start to finish, and worked with me until I was 100% happy – it was so hard to choose a logo in the end he gave me so many sick choices!!! He works with a team specializing in social media growth and has access to state of the art technology. Really couldn’t recommend him more.

Check out his website here:



And if you ever need a videographer, he’s your guy. Much luv boss man x

Before we whip up our little skinny legends, here’s this week’s KG.

Kitchen Goss

Things I’ve learned from my first time in Cornwall:

  • I do NOT look good in a short wetsuit (picture evidence below)
  • Just because it is a holiday doesn’t mean you should only pack shorts and t-shirts (talking to you there Ariah)
  • Children’s factor 50 sun cream will mean you definitely will NOT tan
  • Don’t go to the beach in jeans
  • Don’t bring a bath mat instead of a beach towel
  • They don’t do sauces on the special Cornish Mr Whippy and will be offended if you ask for it (still sad about this)
  • Phil Spencer survived me serving his table (yes I did return to waitressing after swearing to never do that again #trauma, and yes I met my idol THE PHIL SPENCER HOUSE MAN)
The wetsuit ❀️

overall sick holibobs, thanks for housing us Issy.

Okay to the messy business (god I’m on fire with these cheesy puns today)

Recipe adapted from Pinch of Nom


  • 250g fat free skyr/ fat free soft cheese/ quark
  • 2 options white hot chocolate sachets
  • 4 shop bought meringue nests (or make your own!)
  • Any berries that tickle your pickle (I did raspberries and frozen blueberries because that’s all I could scavenge in the cupboards)
  • meringue kisses (recipe here:
  • black food colouring pen / black icing if you want to draw little faces like me!

METHOD – makes 4 messes

  • Pre-make your meringue kisses following the recipe linked above (not forcing you to but just saying the little blob faces went down very well)
  • Plop out the skyr/cheese and mix in the hot choccie powder
  • Roughly smash your shop bought meringues and chuck them in as well
  • in another bowl lightly crush up whatever berries you collected so the get saucy saucyyyy
  • Grab your fanciest glasses (the ones you get out for guests n stuff) and start layering (creamy stuff, berries, creamy stuff, berries…)
  • Draw cute faces on your meringue kisses using the black food colouring pen – if you find this creepy then ovs don’t do it
  • plop the little meringue blobs on the top
  • Serve and count how many times people say ‘wow – can’t believe that is low fat :0’

And that’s all I can provide for today everyone. Pinky promise I’m going to try and keep up with posts this year.

Lots of luv, Han – the sog bot x x x



Proud owner of The Soggy Bottom. Just a gal trying to have her cake and eat it.

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