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Covid Christmas Cake

Nobody under the age of 65 actually likes Christmas cake, but it’s a tradition in our house to rustle one up every year. This was last year’s crimbo cake – a cheeky little covid reindeer 😉 At the time I thought this would make a fun ironic post for this year, but as I’m sat in iso in my oodie and a Santa hat, the joke is well and truly on me 😦

Sad but still cute x

Kitchen goss

The real tragedy of the story is that I’ll have to wait to get my paws on the Christmas treats cupboard. Normally I’m plumping up nicely for at least a week and a half before the big day. Honestly never craved a chipolata so much in my entire life.

If ANYONE at home opens the choccie wreath without me I’m actually exiting the family. You have been warned.

Also bit of a side note but we went to Lapland when I was a kid to see our big man Mr Christmas and I swear we drank reindeer milk. I have been telling people this story and they look at me like I’m really weird so please can someone from my family confirm if I’ve drank reindeer milk or if I’m a big fat liar please. Xoxo

Anyway back to biz – if you want to find out how you can make your own limited edition omicron Rudolph, keep watching…

I don’t know what this jazzy crimbo backing song is but kind of love it

If you can’t stand to watch the vid with iMovie’s version of sleigh ride playing, then here are some written instructions

If you would like to rustle up your own cake to go with the reindeer, here’s my blog recipe from 2 years ago now – wowee I’m an actual oldie


  • Fondant icing – I would just get 1 pack of white and colour a big blob brown, and smaller blobs black, red, light brown, blue and white
  • Food colouring if colouring your own
  • Toothpicks
  • Water/edible glue – you could use super glue but I wouldn’t recommend health wise x


  • Make a big brown pointy blob
  • Stick a tooth pick in it and leave a bit of it poking out to hold the head later
  • Roll out a brown sosig
  • Chop in two
  • Make it look like a hoof and glue that on with your water
  • Before you do the arms make a little light brown oval for the belly
  • Repeat the sosig thing for the arms
  • Make another brown blob and use your finger to make a horizontal indentation which will form like the transition between nose and eyes
  • Red blob for nose (unless you want to make an ordinary reindeer)
  • White blobs squished for eyes, put black blobs on for the pupils
  • TOP TIP – to make the eyes look more realistic/cute put a tiny blob of white in the corner of the pupil
  • To make the antlers shove a stick of black fondant onto a cocktail stick and form little branches off the top
  • To make the mask roll out a bit of blue fondant, make little lines on it with the cocktail stick, then glue this on the face – make sure you CoVeR tHE NosE anD MouTH
  • Shove it all together
  • Bish bash bosh

Okay and that’s the end of it. I know I’ve not posted in a while, I’m an incredibly busy and popular person I simply cannot keep up x

Hope you all have a very merry crimbo (hopefully covid free).

Wash your hands, wear a mask, get your vaccine cya x x x