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Low-Calorie cookies and cream cheesecake

Well that was a mouthful and a half wasn’t it. Talking about mouthfuls, get your laughing gear around this guilt free cheesecake…

Okay the squirty cream and oreos don’t count in the low cal part you caught me – but it is MOSTLY healthy, and the oreos are mini so they basically don’t count.

The magic ingredient in these bad boys is quark. The name makes it sound revolting, but it is actually a high protein, low fat soft cheese and the slimming world peeps are all over it like a rash.

If you’re wanting to cut the cals on any creamy dish – quark is your boy.

Kitchen Goss

Ok not to be dramatic but I think my new uni house might be haunted. Now I know I’m a bit of a drama queen, but some little rascal keeps turning the tv on at night when nobody is downstairs and my stress levels are through the roof. The only logical answer is that we have a channel4 loving goblin living with us.

*UPDATE* we figured out the TV was on timer lol, panic over everyone. We do have a scary basement tho so a ghost seemed like a likely option at the time. #notclickbait

Anyway back to the little lovelies…

Recipe inspired and adapted from


  • low cal biccies e.g. rich tea lights (ok confession time I used some fibre one bars in the bottom of mine, would NOT recommend doing this unless you want to break your chompers. Chewy central)
  • 1-2 tsp low calorie butter spread
  • 250g fat free quark
  • 1 options white chocolate sachet
  • 1 options milk chocolate sachet (add another sachet if you want it choco choco)
  • squirty cream and oreo minis if your diet has gone out the window

Method – makes 3 cheesecakes

  • smush up your biccies (I would use 2 biccies per cheesecake) and add the butter to bind it
  • chuck that in your vessel of choice – glasses work well for this so you can see all the layers of lurv
  • split your quark into two bowls
  • add the white choc sachet to one bowl
  • add the milk choc sachet to the other
  • mixy mixy
  • plop nicely on top of the biccies in layers – or mix it all together if you are a sicko
  • chuck in the fridge overnight to get nice n firm
  • decorate with loads of calories
  • the end

Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet one, as always check out my insta @the_soggy_bottom for more exclusive content.

Any suggestions for recipes you want to see comment them below!!

Luvs ya lots ta-ra my loves, Han xxx